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Al Riwaq Art Space



Within our will to define the “Common Ground” we all share, we propose to look at the world through a wide-angle lens, to behold the wider picture, one that can affect us and tell us about ourselves as much as our immediate surroundings or the communities we belong to.

We thus propose this photographic exhibition that brings together the work of six international photographers who, through very different styles and critical approaches, analyze ordinary aspects of everyday life through a global and universal perspective. However, as large as their scope may be, they do not stay on the surface. We can effectively see how interconnected our world really is and confirm how modern habits and tastes have been standardized and homogenized by our mass-produced culture, but in very different ways and with local color. Or witness how urban and natural landscapes are normalized and systematized and how difficult it is to tell cities and countries apart.

We can also identify with people all over the world and see ourselves in one another, but at the same time retain a necessary and rich individuality. By going beyond that nameless mass of people, these series of photographs zoom in on the differences and focus on the similarities to produce a striking cross-section of global contemporary society.

 Sandra Mauanc and Monica Santos. Masasam

Angélica DassComment