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Thanks, @papereatspencil!


I'm writing because I am huge fan of your humanae project that is currently in progress. I think the idea of breaking our learned definition of skin tones is brilliant and I can't wait to see the full impact of the completed project.  I'm also curious if you realize the immense wealth of information this offers to visual artists and painters - not just for the myriad of skin tones simplified into a base color, but also the gathering of such unique, beautiful, and interesting facial features.

I am a traditional artist that adores the study of people, whether drawing them from life or studying references such as the immense wealth you have gathered so far. I have been using your site as a study guide for the subtle differences of human facial anatomy and the wild variety that occurs therein and was wondering if I might have your permission to post my studies of your work to sites such as Blogspot, Instagram, Facebook, etc., with full reference/credit given to you.

I have such immense respect and admiration for your efforts and can't wait to see the project once it is fully completed! Really I think I just wanted to share that, and thank you for how much this project and site helps the visual community and has personally helped me hone my accuracy.

Here is a brief sample of my studies of your work, thank you so much for your time and efforts. All sketches done with ballpoint pen in a moleskin notebook.

Emily Hardin



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