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Humanae in Science?

Dear Angelica Dass,

I stumbled over your humanae project and blog a few days ago and I’m unbelievably fascinated. I’m impressed by your work and I really enjoyed going through the whole website again and again. My name is ------- and I’m a PhD student in cognitive neuroscience. In my work I’m interested in memory and aging. Apart from being fascinated by your project in general, I’m also fascinated from a scientific perspective. In my work I wanna study subjects' memory for faces and I’m very interested why older people have impaired face memory. Your images coming from the humanae project would be so helpful to proceed with these experiments. I would like to ask you whether it would be possible to use them in experiments with young and older subjects. Just to be clear, this includes only scientific purposes and nothing else. I would be so happy if this would be possible!


Dear Angelica Dass,

I am a neuroscientist who researches the neural processing of human faces. Your collection of color matched faces in the Humanae collection is the best I have ever seen, and I think it has tremendous potential to help us understand how the human brain processes faces.(...) Specifically, we would simply show the pictures to human subjects while simultaneously recording eye movements, electroencephalography, and/or fMRI. What do you think? Do you want to help some scientists figure out how faces are recognized in the brain? 


Angélica DassComment