Portray  people all over the world.

INCLUDING Communities who cannot afford the costs of photo sessions independently.


These portrait sessions have involved more than 3000 volunteers from all around the globe. At present,humanaæ has been in 23 different cities and 14 different countries: Bilbao, Getxo, Madrid, Barcelona,Valencia (Spain), Gibelina, Vita (Italy), Chicago, Pittsburg, Ohio (USA), Paris (France), Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo (Brazil), Bergen (Norway), Daegu (South Korea), Winterthur (Switzerland), Valparaiso (Chile),Groningen, The Hague (Netherlands), Vancouver (Canada), Cordoba (Argentina), New Delhi (India) and Addis Abeba (Ethiopia).

"Just to mention some of them: from someone included in Forbes List, to refugees who crossed the Mediterranean by boat; in Paris, from the Unesco headquarters to a shelter; and students in both Switzerland and favelas in Rio de Janeiro. All kind of beliefs, gender identity or physical impairment. Or newborn or terminally ill...

We All Together build Humanae"