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Le Petit Journal - Canal + France

Nadine Morano, Member of the European Parliament - MEP , expressed her dissatisfaction with the fact that mass immigration is changing the face of France. "We have to maintain a certain balance," ,"We are a Judeo-Christian country of white race." she said. An unfortunate comment that resulted in her expulsion from the party...We have heard some other atrocities every day since the "refugee crisis" started as in other moments regarding the immigration issue, and the “Natural” way of being in Europe…forgetting a lot of cause-effect, or complex parallel realities.
"Le Petit Journal", a smart and fresh news diary on Canal + France decided to “give a lesson” to Nadine, teaching in a clear, didactic and visual (also funny) way how wrong she is about human colors (under typical paradigm of "blanche et noir") and that in fact France is much like the work called Humanae...Thanks Pierre Courade for finding/using me, thanks to all of you who wrote me with all those beautiful messages about my(our) work and thanks Kuki kontenta (which is Humanae as many of you) who was in front of the TV and took these pictures. As usual, thanks a lot to all of you who are Humanae. We’ll keep on it!!

Angélica Dass

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