In 2018, 456 rapes will be reported in Cleveland. That’s what projected statistics say. However, this data point is more than an unsettling quantitative analysis; indeed, this figure is a poignant snapshot of human beings in a most vulnerable moment. The 456 Project focuses on the role that the environment plays in exacerbating the risk of sexual violence . The 456 Project is a call to action using art to reclaim the public space as our space. To create a space where our bodies can exist and coexist.

Join us be portrayed for the 456 Project and be part of the faces that ignite an extremely necessary dialogue in Cleveland.

Sign up at angelicadass456.youcanbook.me to be portrayed until November 7th, The Madison- 1464 E 105th St. For more information contact at 456@angelicadass.com

This open call is meant to bring together voices, identities and humanity to stand with me and regain Cleveland’s public spaces as spaces for freedom, expression and tranquility. This research started when a personal experience led me to recognize my own vulnerability feeling unsafe in Cleveland’s public spaces.

This initiative is part of the Creative Fusion program supported by Cleveland Foundation.