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Nós Cegos

Group exhibition that brings together extracts from articles published by Brazilian researchers and works of contemporary visual artists of various nationalities who investigate prejudice and intolerance present in everyday social relations.

"If most people are not openly racist, they are conformist, omitted or "blind" to the marginalization lived by the minorities, which eventually contributes to the maintenance of social order."  Sylvia da Silveira Nunes

"[...] there is nothing spontaneously visible in the color of skin, shape of the nose,, thickness of the lips or hair, easier to be discriminated in these traits than in others, such as the feet size, height, color of the eyes or shoulder width. Such traits only have meaning within a preexisting ideology, and only because of that they work as classifying marks and criteria. In short, someone can only have color and be classified in a color group if there is an ideology in which people's color has any meaning. That is, people have color only within the racial ideologies."

Antonio Sérgio Alfredo Guimarães
Racismo e Anti-Racismo no Brasil

Earlier Event: October 17
Humanae, Córdoba, Argentina
Later Event: October 30
Delhi Photo Festival 2015