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The project Brasil: ficções (Brazil: fictions) aims to show to an international audience some of the contemporary art made in Brazil through the exhibition of video-art works and a group show of pieces made by young artists. The title of the project already reveals its main intention: to reveal the multiple ways of understanding what is, or what can be, a country like Brazil. By presenting works in different formats and with diverse conceptual motifs, we try to dismantle stereotypes related to the country and to the meaning of a "Brazilian art". The invitation to this reflection is not only directed to foreign audiences, but, by presenting artists from different regions of Brazil (i.e. not limited to the famous Rio - São Paulo circuit), we seek to invite Brazilians to face the heterogeneity of the so-called "national culture".

The video-art exhibition, the central proposal of this initiative, features over 20 pieces with different aesthetic and thematic ideas. These pieces were divided in display groups of identical conceptual approaches. The artists of this exhibition were either born in Brazil or live in different states of Brazil.

Concerning the group show, it started with a singular curatorial proposal, in which Brazilian artists were invited to send instructions to the assembly of their works, without providing physical pieces of the work itself. In other words, they sent a step-by-step guide on how to make an art work (both in practical and conceptual manners) and the curatorial team was in charge of "giving life" to the piece in Porto, Portugal. Therefore, we intend to discuss the idea of reproducibility of contemporary art, which can come into existence at any geographical location from the definition of its artist-author. Thus, we show how to overcome a distance of over 7 thousand kilometers by performing artistic propositions that wish to do so.

Centro de Creación Contemporánea ESPACIO TANGENTE / Valentín Jalón 10, bajo / 09005 / Burgos / 34 947 216 127

Earlier Event: November 28
Noorderlicht Gallery
Later Event: February 25
Daelim Museum - South Korea