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Museon. The Hague

On this cube you see different portraits of people from many places around the world, include of course The Hague....but, the question is: ¿Do you see who's from here and who no? That's impossible based on physical appearance alone. Everybody has unique characteristics. We usually use the white, black, red or yellow colors to classify people, however, the images shows that this color labels doesn't exist and, in fact, seems pretty absurd.

Humanae is a work in progress, by the Brazilian artist Angélica Dass. Cataloging every conceivable human skin tone, she illustrates that skin and race are more complex that they might appear at first glance. This project invites people to rethink and debate about our identity and bringing them together instead of separating them. Humanae remind us that we are all part of one beautiful and varied race, the human race. We all have differences, but certainly, that's the most powerful resource of our specie. We are full of different and incredible experiences, moments and amazing life. Share them with each other is the way to causing the world to think in a new and more tolerant way.


Earlier Event: October 15
UN Habitat III
Later Event: November 4